Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, I studied Art and Economics at the School of Arts in Utrecht, with a specialisation in Theatre Management. I graduated in a Bachelor of Art and Economics.

Yes, my Chamber of Commerce number is 74587218.

Yes, I am a freelancer and I can create and send invoices. My VAT number is NL 002332582 B60.

Yes, I have a category-B license since I was eighteen years old. I have a car as well and I enjoy driving around in my car! I’m also experienced in driving a van.

I live in Amsterdam, but with a car in posession you can get anywhere you want. Although I live in Amsterdam, I work and play soccer in Breda too. That means that I travel a lot between those cities.

Tessa Sonitha

+31 6 18 24 16 00

KVK: 74587218
VAT: NL 002332582 B60