Tessa is currently working as production assistant in our team for the film production COLORS. What an asset! She is someone you can always count on. She is present, works hard, never complains and works with a great lot of passion.

Not only does she manage to arrange everything perfectly, she handles quickly and efficient according to any situation, is often one step ahead with what needs to be done and brings a ton of experience with her from previous projects. While she is pro-active during team meetings, she will handle her tasks independently and delivers. Due to her experience she is often one step ahead in the process, arranging things automatically and comes up with proposals on how to handle or approach specific situations most conveniently. She also automatically takes care of logistics and financial matters.

What I got back from several team members is that Tessa has this super calmness over her, making her the solid rock in the team. All craziness passes her by and she remains calm under all circumstances. In addition to maintaining the overview, I personally find it very pleasant how she communicates very calm and friendly with the cast and crew under all the pressure.

The fact that she brings a ton of experience became specifically clear after our first shooting days, after which I unexpectedly received an extensive report of all the details of people who had worked on the production so far, people who had shown interest in the production and a complete overview of all the costs. This saved me days of work, which Tessa seemed to do in an instant, also showing off her extensive excel skills.

I wish for Tessa to work in the field as much as possible. She is a true asset for every team. With her broad knowledge and positive mentality I hope she may hop on board of some challenging and interesting projects. At last, and I write this with a smile: Tessa works incredibly hard and is our rock in the surf, without even complaining one single time about long shooting days (14 hours a day), bizarre circumstances (freezing weather conditions), or the fact that some shooting days are complete chaos (as there was, for example, a location cancellation one day before the shoot).